Automatic taping machine BKD-10

The BKD-10 packaging machine is a modular machine allowing the production of various custom devices based on the customer's requirements. This includes fairly sophisticated machines with fully automated operation. Parts with both SMD and classic design are processed (condensers, diodes, LEDs, photodiodes, transistors, photo-transistors, integrated circuits etc.). A computer statistically evaluates the measured values, which are easily accessible thanks to the machine's connection to the company's information system. The speed of processing parts on such machines is about 3 pcs/s. Batches (reels) are marked with barcodes and datamatrix codes.


  • bulk items by means of a vibrating conveyor,
  • items supplied in bars,
  • uncut items from a leadframu,
  • items held in a tray or other supply bins.

Components orientation

  • Positioning – rotating items based on the measured polarity;
  • Positioning – rotating items based on the appearance.

Shaping, bending/en//en/

  • Bending and shaping items;
  • Cutting items and other types of mechanical processing.

Laser welding

  • Laser welding of contacts.

Components measuring

  • Measuring electrical parameters (voltage, current, resistance, impedance, ESR and others);
  • Measuring optical parameters (wavelength, intensity, sensitivity and others);
  • Measuring items’ logical functions.

Laser marking

  • Laser marking – marking items with a laser (value, type, orientation and others). /en/

Camera check

  • Camera checking – verifying the correctness of items’ marking, orientation and others.

Sorting and packaging/en//en/

  • Placing good items into tape, bars, or tray;
  • Placing out-of-tolerance items into bins.  

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