Fire-fighting equipment

In 2002, floods and the necessity to update the obsolete fire-fighting pump technology was the major inputs for Komfi to start the development of a portable fire-fighting pump. Present-day mobile fire extinguishing systems dominated by the ČSN EN 14466 - PFPN 10-1500 KOMFI pump, the only Czech product of its kind, is the result of our efforts in this field.

Komfi’s mobile fire-extinguishing solution consists in building a pump in a motor vehicle trailer and, optionally, adding to it a Pressure Foam System. Our company’s strong development facility also allows us to resolve the individual requirements with which our customers address us in this field.

PFPN 10-1500 Portable Engine Deluge Sprinkler

PFPN 10-1500 Portable Fire-fighting Pump

PFPN 10-1500 fire-fighting pump is an independent pumping unit driven with a combustion engine and mounted on a frame with swivelling handles intended for carrying in places that are not accessible for vehicles; it is designated for overcoming fires and pumping water away from flooded spaces. Its design and performance parameters comply with the applicable standards for a portable fire-fighting pump (EU 1028/1 and EU 1028/2). Tests were carried out in an independent accredited testing site in an EU country outside of the Czech Republic and it satisfies the conditions required for obtaining CE certification.

Excellent results have been achieved even without any additional modification also in fire-fighting sports competitions in spite of the fact that this product is primarily a professional fire-fighting unit.

Mobile fire-fighting solution

Mobile fire-fighting solution

The Komfi mobile fire-fighting solution consists in incorporation of the pump in an automobile trailer which covers another field that has not been examined by anybody so far. The existing outdated trailers from the 70s of the last century were constructed only for transport by towing with lorries or tractors.

Strong development background of the company allows us to resolve also individual requirements in this field submitted by our customers.

Pressure foam system

Pressure foam system

For example, adding of a pressure foam system called HIROMAX-KOMFI to the mobile system belongs to such individual requirements. The HIROMAX system allows fire extinguishing with water and foam in combination with the possibility to control the output stream of the extinguishing medium

When extinguishing with water, it is possible to create, besides conventional water stream, fine aerosol by nozzle turning which is considerate with respect to both people and the environment and does not spread burning liquid fuel. Efficiency of extinguishing, range of application and temporary independence on a source of water can be improved by controlled admixing of a foamer into extinguishing water.

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